Costs and Benefits

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  • Some of the benefits of membership are summaried as:
    1. The opportunity to meet and discuss business topics with fellow management consultant professionals and to better understand trends in the management consulting industry.
    2. To understand better the scope and capabilities of other management consultants and their respective practices allowing you to benchmark your own capabilities and offerings.
    3. Meeting fellow management consultants may allow you the potential for joint co-operation in future projects. Such co-operation may strengthen your services offered and thereby improve your chances of securing a higher proportion of wins, and more larger projects.
    4. The opportunity to join lunches and dinners organized by the Association and to hear potential clients giving their views on Management Consultancy and future project opportunities.
    5. The opportunity to broaden your knowledge and understanding of management consultancy areas of expertise through organized techniques sessions and workshops.
    6. The opportunity to meet and impress potential clients with your skills and capabilities.
    7. The opportunity to give talks on your specialism to fellow management consultants and potential clients.

“Management Consultancy is a People Business!”